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Our story: Discover our Roots and Purpose

Reserve Sense

Our foundation is built on solid expertise and decades of experience in the reserve fund industry.

Reserve Sense was established with a clear mission: to bring innovation and practical solutions to the world of reserve funds. Our commitment is to equip professionals and property owners alike with advanced tools and robust support, helping them thrive in this evolving industry.

Our team has written thousands of reports, setting benchmarks and shaping best practices in the industry. This leadership and innovation in the field are the driving forces behind the creation of Reserve Sense.

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“Our mission is to simplify reserve fund studies with innovative tools for every stakeholder.”

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Meet the people that make it happen

Profile shot of Jonathan Fenn

Jonathan Fenn


Perfecting Reserve Fund report software since 2011.

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Terry Dowle


Shaping Reserve Fund strategies with proven leadership in industry development since 2010.

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Michael LaPorte


Evolving Reserve Fund practices with strategic vision and industry experience since 2010.

Reserve Sense streamlines the creation and management of reserve fund studies, focusing on ease and accuracy. As a cloud-based app with mobile support, it is designed to be the comprehensive software solution for companies producing reserve fund studies.

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